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Sales and Installation of These Fine Products

What makes a good closet?

An organized system.
Who makes a good closet?
You do.
With our assistance, you design your own closets!!
By knowing what your needs are.

If you are building a new home or remodeling closets, consider these points:

1.    Men need less 'long hanging' space than women.

2.    Small children usually have fewer shoes than teenagers.
        Teenagers have fewer shoes than adults.
        How many pairs of boots do the family members have?

3.     Teenagers and small children need more "shelf" space than adults.

4.    Small children need more 'drawer storage' than either teenagers or adults.

NOW, take a good look at the closets that you presently occupy.

1.    How much long hanging area will you be needing for dresses, slacks or coats?
        Its a good idea to add a little extra just for those unexpected trips to the mall,
        or that up coming birthday or holiday present.

2.    Count the number of shoes you will have when you move to your new organized closet. Will you box them, or keep them loose?

3.    Look at your foldable items, (jeans, sweat suits, sweaters) to determine how much flat storage area you will need.  Keep in mind, the more shelving in a closet the less space is available for hanging clothes.

4.    Don't forget ties and belts. How many of each do you own?

5.    Will undergarments be stored in the closet? If so, how many drawers will you need? This will determine the size and style of the basket  or drawers required.

6.    Do you "rotate" seasonal items between closets?
        This may change your requirements for drawer or hanging space.

7.    In your child's closet, will you be storing books, toys and games as well as clothing? Will this new system adapt to the child's future needs?
       Children grow !!!!

A organized closet:

  • Can hang approximately 10 items per foot

  • Allows adequate shelf space for boxed items (purses, hats) as well as folded (sweaters, jogging pants)

  • Makes it easy to get at frequently used items

  • Has extra shelf space for infrequently used items

  • Accommodates "short" items (blouses, jackets), "medium" items (skirts, slacks), as well as "long" (dresses, robes) and "very long" (gowns).

The closets below show a typical  10 foot wide closet and then demonstrate Closet Maid's  improvements. Compare our efficiencies. These same efficiencies also apply to Closet Maid MasterSuite Laminates.

Single hanging rod 
Single shelf
Closet Maid
1/2 double hang 
1/2 long hang
Closet Maid
4 feet of double hang 
2 feet center stack 
4 feet of long hang
Before  After 15 feet of hanging  After 12 feet of hanging
10 feet of hanging area 
10 feet of shelf storage
15 feet of hanging area 
5 feet of shoe storage 
20 feet of shelf storage 


12 feet of hanging area 
4 feet of shoe storage 
28 feet of shelf storage

Now that you've taken the first steps, call us  and our experienced staff can assist you in this process. We can evaluate your storage requirements, make recommendations and work with you to design the right closet system for your needs.


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